Tips for picking out family photo outfits

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Deciding what to wear for family photos can be a challenge the bigger the family the more of a challenge. Here are some tips that will help you look your best. I know how much of a struggle it is sometimes to get everyone together for a family photo so I want to make sure you are guaranteed to have an amazing portrait to hang on the wall afterward.

Tip # 1  Coordinate not matching

Long gone are the days of a family looking like clones all wearing jeans and white tee shirts. I am so glad that is done, I personality hated that look. The pictures were so visually boring. Instead I suggest picking two or three core colors and work off of those choosing clothes that will fit with the color scheme.

Tip # 2  Pick patterns but with limits

Do not be afraid of pattern but do mix them up with solids. I love choosing a few different patterns too. For example, just because mom is wearing stripes does not mean that her daughter can not wear polka dots but like I mentioned above make sure to have solid color to even the family out.

Tip #3  Do not forget the accessories

Not only do they add style but the are also fun to use as props. A hat can be something playful to hide behind, a mans tie can be pulled on by his lady. They add interest in the photograph and can make photos more appealing.

Tip #4  Look for clothing collections

A lot of stores sell clothes by collections. This can be so helpful for children if you look for this you can be assured the style and colors will coordinate with each other. Online shopping can help with this but in case of things not fitting make sure you buy with time in advance for returns or to go with another option.

Tip #5  Say no to characters or logos

I know you child might have their favorite Disney character shirt or your teenager with the favorite brand across the front of a tee but I ask that you skip that for family photos it becomes distracting.

Tip #6 Textures are your best friend

Just like the accessories different textures add interest an image. Do not be afraid to mix up the fabric. Adding a different textured scarf to a cotton shirt makes the look completely change. Layering is a great choice and it is a simple way to change up a look or it is a way of adding a color to tie in the color scheme and complete the look you are going for.

Tip #7  Think of the whole look

Think of the overall pictures not only colors but style makes sure everyone is on the same level. If mom is wearing a lovely lace sundress with cowboy boots dad should not be wearing casual beach shorts, a tank and flip flops. Make sure the outfits flow together.

Tips #8  Commit to color

I love color! The world would not be the same without it. There are so many colors combinations out there. So if your feeling lost and need inspiration try looking up family photo outfit ideas on pintrest. I love the mustard/orange pants to bring color to the bottom of the photo.

I hope this gives you a little insight and will help you in choosing the right outfit for you family photo session.






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